At KRU Marketing, we go out of the box to come up with digital marketing strategies. Our search engine optimization (SEO) service ferments in accordance with new search engine algorithms, giving your website the ’homely’ advantage. Our white hat SEO strategies adhere to guidelines of what Google loves. We only do what ‘law’ allows us to and still be at the top for everything.

Our SEO company is based in Mississauga and services are not only limited to just Off-page or On-page SEO, we do both and amalgamated in manner that works best for your website’s digital marketing strategies.

On Page SEO: Website is not just about making webpages which showcases what you do or what you can do. Each and every page needs to be optimized in a manner that is not only user friendly but also Google friendly. A website loses most of its chances of being in top rankings if they are not optimized in a manner which not only makes it easy for users to go through it but also crawlers.

Off Page SEO: Off page is all the activities that you do or needs to be done to keep your website striving and winning the race against everyone. This technique involves creating links which draws users as well as search engines back to your own website. It’s just like how many people know you. More the people know you, more chances you have that they will refer anyone to you for some services you provide. It’s just like the PR process, gone digital.

Our off page seo strategy service not only target Toronto, Mississauga instead include optimizing the webpages but also involve aggressive competitor analysis, reports and analysis of client website. Each of these activities are immediately followed by strategies which will help boost client website above everyone else.

On page SEO can be a one-time affair but Off page is not. It needs to be done continuously for rank management. The reason being, if you are not promoting yourself or you are not doing anything to keep yourself on that spot, other will and eventually you will slide down.

Some of the key SEO expertise areas of KRU Marketing are:

  • Website Analysis and Consultation
  • Self and Competitor Keyword Analysis
  • Alterations in Meta Data
  • Content Optimization (On-page)
  • Analysis of links on website
  • Writing user and SEO friendly content
  • Implementing SEO based tools by search engines for analysis and planning
  • Timely Activity and Result Report

As one of the leading SEO Company based out of Mississauga/Toronto, we have expert team with years of experience in search engine optimization. Our SEO services are strategized and implemented to keep our clients out of the cloud on digital platform and give their business the boost that they always wanted.